Who We Are

Cloud of Fools Theater Company was created in 2011 by our four founding members, Jon Froehlich, Susan Hyon, Laura Butler Rivera, and Casey Robinson.  We felt driven to continue training and performing in the traditions of physical theater handed on to us while in Columbia University's MFA Acting program.  And since that training influenced many others both within and outside Columbia's program, we wanted to provide a platform for this extended "cloud" of actors and artists who wish to join our continuing explorations.

From our original four, the company has now expanded to thirteen: Liz Eckert, Jon Froehlich, Rebecca Hirota, Susan Hyon, Eddie Jackson, Rachel Kodweis, Alejandra Maldonado, Mikey Mullen, Chris Cancel Pomales, Laura Butler Rivera, Kelsey Rispin, Casey Robinson, and Gabrielle Young.

We train together, we create original plays, and we bring our unique take to classic texts.

Our Story

Our four founding members graduated from Columbia's MFA program between 2006 and 2009; and between 2006 and 2010, had the privilege to continue working with our mentor from Columbia (as Theatre Kuden) on a series of projects that took us around the world.  These projects spanned from Shakespeare to Commedia dell'Arte, from Genet to Calderon de la Barca, from Gertrude Stein to original work inspired by the principles of Jerzy Grotowski. 

Pictured above: images from Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights, Scapin, The Maids, and Zibaldone: An Actor's Notebook on the Commedia dell'Arte

Pictured above: images from Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights, Scapin, The Maids, and Zibaldone: An Actor's Notebook on the Commedia dell'Arte

When the Theatre Kuden phase of our work ended, we decided to continue working as a new company, and Cloud of Fools was born.  Since 2011, we have created five original works, each of which has debuted in New York City.  Two have toured regionally (The Whistling Mortician, Soo Jin Pretty Nail), and we continue the search for avenues that will fulfill our core mission to share our work overseas.

Further, virtually all of our productions include an educational component.  In addition to the open trainings offered to our community in New York from the beginning, we've also taught workshops at schools, and for theater companies outside of New York.  This has allowed us in turn to pass on the training we received, to the individuals and communities we reach. 


Where else are a bunch of Whistling Morticians going to spend their time? L to R: Daniel Levitt, Amanda Boekelheide, Casey Robinson, Michael Buffer, Natalia Miranda Guzman, Eddie Jackson

And Now?

Our ongoing mission remains to create, for global audiences, rigorously physical ensemble performances that stretch our (and your) notions of what is theatrically possible, with an eye toward simple beauty, and insight into the profound mysteries of what it means to be human.