A Fool's Musings on Life in the Cloud

It’s that time.  Crunch time.  Preparing Dark Eyes for performance started nearly a year ago, but now we’re in the final stretch.  Tasks abound; there are enough little fires cropping up to keep even a seasoned fire-fighter on their toes.

 A visual metaphor: the theater-producers tool-kit

A visual metaphor: the theater-producers tool-kit

And in the midst of all this, as one of the central team working to produce this play, I’m just trying to keep a little perspective.  There’s no way around the facts: are there seventeen things I should’ve finished a week ago?  Yes.  Will most of my day be given to these things, and will I have to live with resolving perhaps only a portion of them?  Experience tells me, “Yep, probably”. 

 Always somethin' there to remind me...

Always somethin' there to remind me...

But today, unbidden but welcome, a simple thought has returned after some time away: and that is, pretty simply, the ‘why’.  That is, the time that has come is not "the time to accomplish tasks simply for the sake of accomplishing them", as if they had any intrinsic value of their own.  None of these efforts are meant to simply herald themselves.  Instead, the purpose beneath all these things—all these exertions, all these reachings-out, all of these increases in public attention ("Hey you! Come and see our show!")—is to bring us closer to a unique moment.   In fact, to bring us to what might be the only moment. 

It’s that time.  We are making way for a moment when we will get to be together in a way that borders on the sacred.  We push ourselves beyond what we think we’re capable of; we wear ourselves down to the nub, hopefully to the negation of our egos, to create a space.  A space for you.  A space that has never-before been, and will never-again be, in quite the same way—but a space that has every possibility of contributing to the deepest foundations of our common humanity.  We will perform; but not for you.  Rather, we will perform, so that we might be with you.  It's the only reason we do this; not for you alone, not for ourselves alone, but for us. So that we might catch even the smallest glimmer of each other, in the darkness—face to face.

We so hope to see you, there.


Cloud of Fools launches IndieGoGo campaign in support of DARK EYES!

The Cloud if thrilled to be launching a crowd-funding campaign in support of our 5th original production, DARK EYES! 

Our goal is to raise $7,000 to help pay for space, cast, crew, and essential materials -- and we're looking to our community to help us achieve it. 

Click the link or the image below to find out all about campaign, and the many perks you can receive when you contribute:


Help us make this timely work of art possible!

More to come -- with gratitude and joy.

Love, Cloud of Fools

Cloud of Fools Announces our latest production... DARK EYES!

Hearty greetings to all, from Cloud of Fools Theater Company

The time has come for the BIG announcement—

We are mounting our 5th original theatrical production:

We're so excited --

This daring dance-theater piece will play from March 2-12, 2017 at Access Theater in downtown Manhattan.  Pin your maps, and mark your calendars!

DARK EYES is a Gothic-style folktale, with a brutal edge and a beating heart.  In 1700's Europe, a young boy with more to lose than he thinks, goes looking for adventure in the Naha'drash, a forbidden wood.  Charting the journey of an innocent into the unknown, he encounters men and women who are not what they seem—though perhaps there is one among them keeping a sharp eye on his soul...  DARK EYES is a magically wild dance-theater play overflowing with imaginative storytelling, exuberant physicality, and devilish humor.

Written by Cloud of Fools’ Director of Development, Rachel Kodweis, DARK EYES enters new stylistic waters, following the previous successes of The Whistling Mortician, Europa, All That Dies and Rises (co-produced with M-34), and most recently, the one-woman tour-de-force, Soo Jin Pretty Nail. 

Performing in DARK EYES will be long-time company-members, some of our newest company members, as well as a first-time collaboration with students from Pace University. We're thrilled to be working with such a depth of talent.

And last (but far from least), DARK EYES will be the directorial debut of Cloud of Fools co-founder Laura Butler Rivera.  Hot off of One Eighth Theater Company's widely acclaimed production of The Maids at INTAR Theater, Laura is best known for fusing rigorous, dynamic, powerful ensemble-work with an unparalleled sensitivity to the inner movements of human interaction.

So again—mark your calendars, and until then, keep your eyes peeled for more info, updates, and other cool ways to be involved.

Supporting 1/8 Theater Company's THE MAIDS!

Cloud of Fools is so proud to support our sister-company, One-Eighth!  Purveyors of the theatrically absurd and provocative, our friends are on their way to creating their next innovative, explosive, and groundbreaking piece.  Support them with us!  They're making the fabric of theater in NYC and the world stronger, stranger, and richer!

Full production coming to INTAR, in October...

For complete info and to make contributions, click here! https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=9221


Sweating it out with CoF Managing Director, Casey Robinson

We're proud to support our Managing Director, Casey Robinson, in his new show SWEAT AND TEARS, now playing at JACK in Brooklyn -- just 2 performances left!  He is directed by James Rutherford, the director of our 3rd production, All That Dies and Rises (co-produced with his company).  Hope you can make it!  https://www.artful.ly/store/events/9368

 Casey Robinson in "Sweat and Tears" at Jack, 7/2016

Casey Robinson in "Sweat and Tears" at Jack, 7/2016

Soo Jin takes Baltimore

We're so excited to be back in Baltimore, with Soo Jin Pretty Nail (and More)! 

The Fools' last trip to Baltimore Theatre Project was in September 2013, with The Whistling Mortician -- and we've been wanting to come back ever since. 

 The Whistling Mortican, followed by all his friends, racing to go see Soo Jin Pretty Nail, at Baltimore Theatre Project!

The Whistling Mortican, followed by all his friends, racing to go see Soo Jin Pretty Nail, at Baltimore Theatre Project!

If you have friends in the Baltimore area who like intelligent, creative, genre-defying theater, send them over to Baltimore Theatre Project, while Soo Jin is still in town! 

Remaining showtimes are:

Friday Jun 17 8:00 pm *** Saturday Jun 18 2:00 pm *** Saturday Jun 18 8:00 pm *** Sunday Jun 19 3:00 pm

For tickets and complete info, head over to http://www.theatreproject.org/

More to come...!